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With our program you have the opportunity to raise funds with quality, American-build first aid kits that your supporters will Love! We make fundraising simple with no money up front, no contracts and no minimum orders.

Let Me Help You Write YOUR Success Story

Thousands of groups and organizations across America have discovered the power of our program, earning tens of thousands of dollars while achieving or exceeding their fundraising goals. The most important success story is going to be YOUR own. Take a few minutes to read some of the successes that others have experienced by simply offering our first aid kits to friends, family, and businesses in their community.

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Barlow High School Cheer

“Unique, compact, and affordable product. We bought kits ourselves!”Barlow High School Cheer
$5,400 in sales
High School Cheer Team
Vancouver, Wash.
27 participants

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Beaverton High School HOSA

“I am elated at their success and the pressure is on for next year.” ~ Paula Jacobs, AdvisorBeaverton High School HOSA
$20,030 in sales
Beaverton High School HOSA

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Bend High School DECA

"It was such a great program, we decided to do it twice in one year! The community loved it, and so did our DECA students.” ~Kristen Torkelson, Director"

Total Sales:

  • 1st Fundraiser $8,100
  • 2nd Fundraiser $8,700
  • Participants 26 Students
  • Program: Brochure Sale

Bend High School DECA
Bend, OR
26 Students

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Boaz High School HOSA

"2019. This fundraiser was the most
successful fundraiser for any Alabama HOSA chapter!"

$4,060 in sales
Boaz High School HOSA
Boaz, AL
40 Chapter Members

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Boise High School Athletic Program

“This fundraiser goes very well with our purpose to provide quality medical coverage to athletes.”Boise High School Athletic Department
$2,800 in sales
High School Athletic Department
Boise, Idaho
20 students and parents

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Boy Scout Troop 24

“The value in the first aid kits the boys were selling was fantastic!”Boy Scout Troop Cartersville Georgia
$22,000 in sales
Boy Scout Troop
Cartersville, Ga.
23 scouts

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Brennan High School HOSA

"Despite the fact that the fundraiser was optional for all students in our program to participate, it was definitely a success." ~ Christina Granado, AdvisorBrennan High School HOSA
$8,495 in sales
Brennan High School HOSA

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California Bears Baseball

“Having a product that kids can sell and be proud of is a huge motivator.”California Bears Baseball
$2,700 in sales
Youth Baseball Team
San Diego, Calif.
15 players

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Cordillera Elementary School

“I was happy to see these kids so excited to be selling something different and new. No more candy Cordillera Elementary Schoolbar fundraisers for our school!”
$8,000 in sales
Elementary School
Mission Viejo, Calif.
46 students

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Cub Scout Pack 19

“We really liked the product and its association to the Cub Scout mission.”Cub Scout Pack 19
$3,600 in sales
Cub Scout Pack
Weymouth, Mass.
26 boys, ages 6-11

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East Lake High School Show Choir

“Right Response kits were easy to sell and we were able to make the money we needed quickly.”East Lake High School Concert Choir
$3,200 in sales
High School Choir
Chula Vista, Calif.
40 students

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Carver Elementary School

“Right Response turned out to be great for our school!”Elementary School in San Marino, California
$45,400 in sales
Elementary School
San Marino, Calif.
320 students

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Family Medical Fund

“You don’t have to be a large organization to benefit from a healthy fundraiser such as Right Family Medical FundResponse.”
$2,200 in sales
Family Medical Fund
Oregon City, Ore.
2 grandparents, 2 parents and 1 child

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Heritage High School Band

Band members and parents were thrilled with the success of their event.

Total Sales:

  • First Sale: $5,184.00
  • Second Sale: $11,780.00

Heritage High School Band
Vancouver, WA
34 Students

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JROTC Success

"In the world of high school fundraising it was great to have not just a unique product, but one in-line with our curriculum as well" ~ MSG (Ret) Tijerina
$16,186 in sales
JROTC in Texas and New Mexico

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Kingwood High School HOSA

Kingwood HS HOSA has conducted a Right Response fundraiser three separate years with great success.

This was an amazing opportunity and such a great idea. These are the perfect products for our Health Science student fundraiser. These were easy to sell and we made a huge profit" ~ Pam Lard, Program AdvisorKingwood High School HOSA

3 years of Fundraisers

Total Sales

Profit $31,122.50

Kingwood High School

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LaPine High School Student

“First aid kits are so easy to sell because everyone needs one!”LaPine High School Student
$4,000 in sales
High School Student
LaPine, Ore.
Photo courtesy of Kolshots Phtography -

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Lemon Grove Little League

“This is my third year as president and Right Response is the most profitable fundraiser we’ve everLemon Grove Little League had.”
$15,000+ in sales
Little League
Lemon Grove, Calif.
128 players

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Milbank High School HOSA

"Not only did we raise money for our own organization, but we were also able to help raise funds for the state scholarships that HOSA offers." ~ Advisor, Milbank High SchoolMilbank High School HOSA
$2,300 in sales
Milbank High School
18 Students

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Model United Nations Club

“Parents and schools are just tapped out for funds. Thanks to Right Response, we were able to earn Model United Nations Clubthe money needed for our students.”
$21,000 in sales
Model United Nations Club
Mission Viejo, Calif.
200 students

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North Kitsap Little League

“It was good for the kids, good for families and good for the community!”North Kitsap Little League
$14,000 in sales
Little League
Poulsbo, Wash.
170 players

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Orange County Boy Scouts

“The products were so easy to sell and Scouts selling first aid makes sense!”Orange County Boy Scouts Success Story
$19,300 in sales

Orange County Boy Scouts
Santa Ana, Calif.
58 scouts

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People to People Ambassador Program

"This was a dream trip for Troy. Right Response helped us make that dream come true!" ~ Sandy Sawyer, MomPeople to People Ambassador Troy Sawyer
$2,500+ in sales
Troy Sawyer
People to People Ambassador Program
One Student

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Private Girls High School

“This is truly a healthy alternative to the candy we’ve sold in the past.”Private Girls High School
$15,000 in sales
Private Girls High School
San Francisco, Calif.
70 students

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Puyallup LaCrosse Club

“Right Response was perfect. It was something no one else was doing!”Puyallup LaCrosse Club
$5,500 in sales
Lacrosse Club
Puyallup, Wash.
40 players

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Razzle Dazzle Spirit Squads

“We needed something different for fundraising. Right Response fit perfectly!”Razzle Dazzle Spirit Squad
$12,900 in sales
Cheerleader School
Albuquerque, N.M.
85 cheerleaders

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South East Region Career and Tech Center HOSA, Oakes, ND

HOSA members Jozy Kadoun and Adrianna Wisner both qualified to represent North Dakota and their school at the HOSA International Leadership Conference in Orlando, FL in June 2019. Their profit on the sales of Right Response first aid kits helped pay for their conference travel and lodging expenses. HOSA Chapter Advisor Cary Wertz stated that the “sale went great” and that she was appreciative of the Right Response fundraising program.

Total Sales:


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Thomas Ryan Intermediate School

“Right Response was a hit with parents as well as customers!”Thomas Ryan Intermediate School
$32,000 in sales
Intermediate School
Richland, Mich.
300 students

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Vancouver Cardinals American Legion Team

“This is really a healthy alternative and gives people something they can really use.”Vancouver Cardinals American Legion Team
$3,000 in sales
American Legion Baseball Team
Vancouver, Wash.
13 Players

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Woodward Granger Elementary School

“Right Response fundraising is everything a school fundraiser should be!”Woodward Granger Elementary School
$15,000 in sales
Elementary School
Granger, Iowa
175 students

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