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Right Response

With our program you have the opportunity to raise funds with quality, American-build first aid kits that your supporters will Love! We make fundraising simple with no money up front, no contracts and no minimum orders.

Who do you know that needs to fundraise?

If you know of any anyone in need of raising funds you could help them by referring them to America’s #1 healthy fundraiser and help your group at the same time.

With a Little Help from Your Friends

When you see a great movie, read a good book, or get an incredible deal, you tend to share that information with friends and associates.  Now that you’ve found a fantastic fundraiser, you'll want to share that with family, friends and co-workers as well.  With our program, when you refer another group or team, we give you more of what you’re working for ~ we give you a 5% cash referral reward!  After all, the need for money is the reason that you're fundraising.  With our Refer-a-friend program, when you refer others to me for a fundraiser, for every kit they buy you earn a 5% referral reward! And this has no effect on their profit!  This is just our way of saying THANK YOU! As your fundraising specialist, I'm here to make this happen for you.

Thanks, Friend!

You know others who are doing fundraisers just like yours. Refer-a-Friend can put more cash into your pocket every time people you know do their own First Aid fundraiser.

Please contact Candise at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 360-609-0333 to get started!