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With our program you have the opportunity to raise funds with quality, American-build first aid kits that your supporters will Love! We make fundraising simple with no money up front, no contracts and no minimum orders.

Pack In The Profits!

Inspire sellers and kick your sales into high gear with Quick Sell Backpacks filled with our bestselling first aid kits! These backpacks give sellers the opportunity to sell and deliver to their buyer immediately. You can virtually sell to anyone and they can walk away with kits in hand. These are perfect for show and sells that you can hold at local stores or community events. By having the kits on hand for immediate sales, you can increase your profits by 200% - 300%. That’s a huge advantage with no money out of pocket.

Choose from multiple options to maximize your fundraising income. Each backpack features our most popular kits and come with a nylon backpack that the seller keeps!

Order Now. Pay Later.

When you order back packs, you don't have to pay for them until 30 days after your order is shipped. When we place your order, we can accept a Purchase Order, or we can do a credit card authorization. Your credit card authorization is done through our home office and rolls off your card in 24 – 36 hours just like it would when you book a hotel room. By the time your bill comes, you’ve sold the kits and have the funds to pay your bill while retaining your profit.

Backpacks are sold by the case. There are five backpacks per case. The number of items per backpack is determined by the kits chosen. This is also a great way for each participant to have a sample to show to potential supporters.

You earn a 50% profit on every kit you sell. With higher profits per customer compared to other fundraising products, you'll quickly reach your goal while delivering quality, American-built first aid kits! Watch your sales skyrocket with these popular backpacks filled with first aid kits that everyone wants and uses!

Contact Candise at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 360-609-0333 to get started!