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Right Response

With our program you have the opportunity to raise funds with quality, American-build first aid kits that your supporters will Love! We make fundraising simple with no money up front, no contracts and no minimum orders.

Fundraising Made Simple

We've transformed fundraising into a fun and rewarding experience with our exceptional selling programs. You can choose from three proven fundraising methods that can exceed your financial goals and bring smiles to kids, parents and supporters alike!

As your funding specialist, I'll give you expert assistance with the program that you determine to best suit your needs.  My sole objective is to ensure that your fundraiser is a success!


Brochure Sales

You can get started right away with this simple selling program and earn 50% profit on every kit sold!

  • No money down
  • No contracts
  • Easy to set up and ready to sell

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Selling With A Sample

In 11+ years of assisting groups with their fundraisers, one thing has become crystal clear ~ having a sample to show to prospective buyers can increase your overall sales by 200% - 300% more than a standard brochure sale.  Ask me how we can make this happen with your group and see your profits soar!

  • Order samples to show.
  • Supporters can see and feel the value
  • Your order forms fill up quickly

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Quick Sell Backpacks

This is a great way to put your fundraiser into high gear with show and sells and and anyone in your community.

  • Order ~ Sell ~ Pay.  (Payment deferred for 30 days.)
  • Cash in hand before you receive your bill.
  • Our best program by far.

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Please contact Candise at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 360-609-0333 to get started!