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With our program you have the opportunity to raise funds with quality, American-build first aid kits that your supporters will Love! We make fundraising simple with no money up front, no contracts and no minimum orders.

 Big Peace of Mind ~ Compact Size

This kit has been the #1 BEST SELLER for every group that has used our fundraiser for the past 11 years.

Be prepared at home or away with our versatile Soft Home Kit. The bright red color is easy to identify in emergencies and the durable case keeps supplies clean and protected.

Inside, clear plastic pouches neatly organize the first aid items, making it simple to find supplies when you need them. The kit is perfectly sized to fit on a shelf, in a drawer, in a purse or bag, or in a car under the seat or in the trunk.

This kit is our hottest selling product at $30, and you earn a $15 profit with every sale!